Trees seem to be the basis for a great deal of many earthly endeavors. Vast amounts of trees cover great expanses of our earth. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, the primary gas causing global climate change. Trees retain the carbon from the CO2 molecule and release oxygen (O2) into the atmosphere. Trees form the frames of our houses. They grace our yards and landscapes with their beauty. Trees assist in cleaning our atmosphere and provide the basic product for our recreational campfires.

The trees we carry are grown by the finest of nurserymen and given supreme care all the way from their facilities to our customer’s doorstep. Depending on what is in stock, we offer around 50 different tree species. The species offered range from the popular Crape Myrtles to the diminutive Green Giant Arborvitae. We offer types of trees for every need.

You will find a tree species that can fill a fall landscape with gorgeous color or find a tree that does not shed its leaves for those who despise raking. Our trees provide boundary delineation, windbreaks, privacy, fruit for your table, or evergreen boughs for holiday decorations. Planting a tree for any need is rewarded on at least 2 levels: 1) The beauty of our environment is enhanced and 2) The tree helps provide for a cleaner atmosphere.

There are some very good things you can do to promote heathly, long-lived trees. And there are a number of things you will want to avoid.

Do not plant a new tree with a wire basket, rope, or anything that may constrict or "girdle" the roots. Girdled roots seriously affect the health and the stability of a tree. Plan where you want to plant a new tree based on its type and mature size. Be cautious when planting trees near a home foundation, patio, driveway, under power lines, or under a home's eaves.

The frequency of watering depends of the type of soil and the amount of rainfall. Water must be allowed to soak deep into the ground. The most beneficial time to water trees is in the early morning. Water slowly or use drip irrigation until the water has moistened down to the roots. Do not allow water to puddle or accumulate and runoff. This is wasteful and can be detrimental to root growth and function.

Trees require certain essential elements to function and grow. Fertilizing a tree can increase growth, reduce susceptibility to certain diseases and pests, and can help reverse declining health.

For more information about trees or for help deciding which type of tree is right for you, come see us at the nursery or give us a call at 501-407-2729!



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