Landscape Management Company, Inc.



We also offer commercial landscape management services. Our unique landscape management program is set up to operate on a 12 month production schedule.  We can arrange 12, 24, or 36 month contracts to better service your needs and provide you with superior grounds management at cost effective pricing. We have a great reputation in central Arkansas as an attentive, trustworthy, seriously commited company prepared to render your property the best care possible.

Our success is measured by customer satisfaction and employee retention. Therefore, we place the highest priority on your property. Contract customers receive priority service over non-contract customers and you will no longer have to worry about when is the right time to prune, mow, etc. We will come to your property and take care of your lawn and landscape at the right time and provide you with our expert opinion. Our commercial landscape maintenance services are tailored to the client's demands so that your landscape assists in enhancing the business' image. We operate with state of the art equipment and skilled professionals to ensure our superiority and trustworthiness, paying attention to each specific phase of landscape maintenance.

Before we start with any new customer, our thorough property review process assesses all aspects of the landscape: irrigation, plant problems, turf care, design issues and renovation needs. Then we work with you to develop a plan with a comprehensive, long-term perspective that still fits your budget. This planning approach helps you with future planning and cost controls...and relieves you from the burden of chasing down yet another maintenance company.

In addition to our sustainable, progressive approach, we offer unprecedented customer service. To see just how comprehensive commercial landscape maintenance can be, see our sample service schedule listing all the services we can provide and the type of schedule. You won’t need to call and ask us to take care of the lawn, the mulch, or the flowers...we just will.