An increasing number of gardeners are installing water gardens in their backyard retreats. The music of trickling water has a universal appeal and creates a relaxing atmosphere in any garden. Birds and other wildlife are also attracted to water, a definite benefit for anyone trying to establish an informal, natural garden. Avid plant collectors with full flower beds find that water gardens give them new opportunities to try exciting plants that thrive in water or on the edges of ponds.

VALUE TO THE CUSTOMER: In our opinion, water features incorporate all the senses when dealing with the outdoors, and in the landscape setting. They add value in the mere fact that they can be truly enjoyed from afar as well as up close. Hours can be spent in quiet meditation around a water feature. It can and should be incorporated within the landscape to complement it, and not detract from it. Water is inviting. Both young and old are drawn to it. It’s the source of all life.

Some of the benefits added to a landscape by water features are sound, movement, wildlife, expanded pallet of plants, expanded opportunities for use of stone and lighting.

Discussing those a bit further, it becomes apparent that a property owner has much to gain from water features:

SOUND: Even a little sound from a water feature is enough to calm the din of city noises and sounds perfectly natural in a rural setting.

MOVEMENT: In an environment free of waterfalls or fountains, the most notable movement will be the swaying of branches in the wind. With water in place, on the other hand, the movement is constant and is certainly an attention catcher. And in the case of a still pond surface, the whole mirror effect comes into play.

WILDLIFE: With the presence of water features, song birds and amphibians are suddenly more apt to become a dynamic part of the landscape.

Also, the specific plants used in conjunction with the water feature may draw a larger assortment of butterflies and other interesting insects than would not have been possible otherwise. Of course, koi and goldfish are an important part of a pond for many.

AN EXPANDED PALLET OF PLANTS: Given the nature of one’s property — soil type, aspect, etc. — the landscape may only be able to utilize “n” number of plants. Now, with a pond in place, that number becomes n x 2 or n x 3. If a person is dissatisfied with the number of plant species he or she can effectively install, they can obtain improved opportunities created by water features.
INCREASED OPPORTUNITIES FOR USE OF STONE: Stone can add a lot of character to an environment, but there’s only so much you can do with it. Water features create more possibilities.

INCREASED OPPORTUNITIES FOR USE OF LIGHT: Applying landscape lighting to a fountain or waterfall can result in a breathtaking display that moves a landscape leaps and bounds ahead of those in adjacent areas. We think there is an innate connection we make to water. It is the basis of life. In nature, it is where plants would naturally grow, animals would converge and people would settle. This all makes it pleasing on a deeper level than ‘what the neighbors will think.’

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