The ideal landscape plan has both growing plants and hardscape elements that allow you and your family to physically enjoy the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Patios, walkways and paths are the elements that give you that access. A path or walkway let you move around and enjoy every corner of your home’s landscaping, while a patio invites you to stay for a while, take time to be refreshed in your own "oasis."

Hardscapes tell visitors that your outdoor spaces have been planned and thought through with just as much love and care as your interior décor and furniture. Patios and walks are proof that your home doesn’t end at your door but extends - and beckons - outside, where all are invited to come and enjoy.


Paths and patios play critical roles in all our lives, both for reaching goals and for the inherent pleasure of taking a walk. For designers, paths and patios take on added significance as both functional and aesthetic elements in any design.  "Paths and patios lead the eye, or the footstep, into the garden picture," writes British author/designer Patrick Taylor, "and provide the single most valuable ingredient of garden design.”


All gardens have paths, planned or otherwise. A well-designed one keeps your feet dry and provides safe, easy access to your house. A great one does more. Whether it directs you and your guests under an archway of jasmine or around a bend to a reflecting pool, a path that works makes the garden more inviting. A successful path also shapes and defines garden areas as it connects unrelated parts to create a coherent whole. One of the most important functions of a path is to link the house to the garden visually as well as physically.

Heading down the garden path isn’t just a cliché; it’s a phrase that speaks volumes about the wonderful allure of well-planned landscaping. You want your outdoor greenscapes to beckon to you, to appeal to the kids, grownups, cats and other wild creatures in your life. Plug in the perfect set of paths and patios, using your own wild creativity and we’ll make it happen.


The Spanish and the Mexican cultures gave us patios because they understood how pleasant a cool evening outdoors could be in hotter climates, where life begins as the workday ends and the sun retreats. Latinos have traditionally designed outdoor patios with indoor-style amenities like fireplaces, ovens and benches for gathering ‘round. Shady walls and surrounding garden elements naturally connect the living space with the outdoors.

If space, slope and budget permit, patios can give a more formal, more permanent feel to your landscape master plan. Never have there been more materials to choose from and the list grows every day, so you don’t have to settle for a no-personality, gray concrete patio.  Horticare Landscaping specializes in building beautiful patios out of native stone. 

If your dreams include pathways, patios, or walkways then let Horticare Landscaping install them for you. Our landscaping division has the experience needed to not only install a path and/or patio, but to blend it in with the current area; therefore, unifying your entire garden.

Ask one of our designers today about how a path and/or patio can enhance your landscape.  Give us a call at 501-407-2727 to set up a consultation. 

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