Landscape and Outdoor Lighting extends living space and allows the enjoyment of the architectural features and landscaping in the evening.

Many working homeowners can only enjoy their landscaping investment during the weekends while they are around the house. They lose the every day enjoyment of the outdoors around their home. lighting allows the homeowner to enjoy their home by transforming darkened areas, decks, gardens, pools and landscaping into a welcoming outdoor evening environment.

Safety and convenience for your family and guests is achieved through landscape lighting, in addition to, added security in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and appropriate to the site.

Expertise is required to ensure that the lighting provides the final touch to complement and enhance a carefully designed landscape plan. Lighting is an outdoor amenity usually added after the landscaping has been installed.

Do-it-yourself low quality and inexpensive landscape lighting is available at most discount and home improvement stores.

Usually within a year, these systems experience corrosion, burnt out bulbs, moisture leakage, and fouled connecting terminals, resulting in poor lighting output and a total waste of money.

The ideal lighting system is easy to maintain and operate and increases the beauty and value of the home.

Outdoor lighting complements and enhances the home and landscape with high quality long lasting equipment for continued enjoyment.

To achieve the aesthetic beauty of a harmonious lighting effect, it takes much more than simply spot lights in trees. To bring out the distinctive character and architecture of a home, nothing succeeds the way Horticare Landscaping does.

Various lighting techniques are used to persuade trees, bushes, gardens, stones, brickwork and structures to spring to life at night, while maintaining a safe outdoor environment for your family and visitors.

These enrichments are achieved through various lighting techniques such as up-lighting, down-lighting, moon-lighting cross-lighting, grazing, shadowing, path-lighting and back-lighting.

Each technique requires attention to placement, brightness, beam width, angle, direction, and spacing to achieve the desired effects. The variety of fixtures and products we offer provide a versatile system for stand-alone or combination lighting situations.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Path Lighting
  • Moon Lighting & Down Lighting
  • Shawoding & Back Lighting
  • Cross Lighting
  • Up Lighting
  • Zoning

 Landscape lighting is widely used to accentuate architectural features of the home, entrances, patios, statuaries, fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and other features. As a navigation feature for drives, walks and steps, it fundamentally improves safety. It further provides security lighting without the glare and blinding effects of flood lights.

Applications include:

• Accent lighting
• Path lighting
• Garden lighting
• Landscape lighting
• Pools, Jacuzzis, patios, porches
• Gateways, driveways, walkways
• Flower beds, terraces, ponds
• Waterfalls, statues, structures
• Architectural features, gazebos
• Security and safety lighting

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