Horticare Irrigation is committed to customer satisfaction. Therefore, all workmanship and equipment are guaranteed for a period of one year from the acceptance date. Any addition to the sprinkler system after acceptance date will be an additional cost. This guarantee does not extend to damages resulting from accident, misuse, theft or alteration. The irrigation manager maintains final authority and discretion regarding warranty claims.

Horticare Irrigation is also committed to the protection of the public potable water supply; therefore, Horticare installs reduced pressure zone assemblies (RPZ) for backflow prevention. Horticare is a member of the Arkansas Backflow Prevention Association. We also submit to the regulations set forth by the Arkansas Department of Health, State Plumbing Codes, and Central Arkansas Water. The water purveyor holds each owner liable for annual testing of RPZ units. Horticare is certified to test and repair any kind of backflow device. Horticare provides the initial test before the acceptance date at no cost. Horticare suggests the removal of the backflow preventer (RPZ) in the fall (October) in order to prevent damage due to freezing. Horticare offers this service at an additional cost.  This warranty does not include winterization or spring start-up. 


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