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A weed can be described basically as any plant that's growing where you don't want it to grow.   Weeds compete with the desirable plants in a landscape, and become more aggressive as they mature.  Therefore, a planned and sustained attack is the only prudent way to go as far as weeds are concerned.  

When planning an attack on the weeds in your yard, it helps to know what you are battling.  The strategies are different for annual and perennial weeds, so know your enemy before you proceed.  Annuals are by far the most common weed problem in the yard - as you know, annuals grow, flower, seed, and die within one growing season.  If you allow them to set seed, you are guaranteeing a weed problem forever, and therefore, the strategy with annuals is basically geared toward preventing them from setting seed.  

Perennial weeds are a different story, and surprisingly they are the ones that will cause you the most grief.  These are tough plants that can grow through heavy mulch.  They tend to have amazing root systems that go down or out to surprising distances.  With most of them, if you chop the roots, such as with a tiller, each fragment of root will generate a new plant, multiplying your problems.

Some common weeds that are found in Arkansas are listed below.

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