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Here at Horticare, we treat for various types of insects and diseases that can attack both your turf, trees, and shrubs. Detecting the presence of an insect or disease is the first step in good insect & disease control. When we initially find an insect or disease, we inspect it closely to determine the type that it is and how to go about treating it effectively.

If the turf looks damaged, wilted, and water-starved, then an insect may be involved. During root feeding, insect species that feed on roots detach the thatch and blades from the roots and permit the sod to peel off the soil without any root attachment. In addition, some insects defoliate or suck the grass blades. Blade defoliation damage appears as brown scars where the blades are clipped off by the insect. Blade sucking damage appears as brown lesions where the blade’s sap was removed by the insect. Many times an area of turf is brown and damaged, but damaging insects cannot be found. We will search for the insects along the margin of brown and green grass.

When turf damage is noticed and before we apply pesticides, we make sure insects and not diseases or some abiotic factor are the cause of the damage. Turf damage may be caused by fungal diseases, abiotic conditions, and improper maintenance.

The symptoms of turf disease damage are not in themselves diagnostic. Many turf problems result in circular dead areas or rings of dead grass with live grass in the center. These fungi are difficult to isolate from infected roots.

Symptoms typical of patch diseases include color change from healthy green to tan-brown with the leaves often exhibiting a reddish color as they die. This reddish color is an early symptom that may not be seen, and only leaf death is reported. The dead grass is usually in rings or circular patches. However, streaks or incomplete rings can also be found. Damage symptoms can persist for several years and new symptoms may develop for several years if left untreated.

Some common insects & disease that are treatable are listed below. Give us a call at 501-407-2727 for pricing and specifics.






Spider Mites


Spittle Bugs

Spittle Bugs

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